Leftover Inventory




Here you will find some leftover stock for you to get your hands on, all of the leftover flower are bud pieces not shake and all priced accordingly! Maybe try something you haven’t smoked before without the commitment of a full or 1/2 ounce! Add them as an extra to your order today!

Happy Shopping, from all of us at BCProduct.

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Weight / Price

BCP CBD Caps 25mg (Pack of 10) – $30.00, BCP THC Caps 25mg (Pack of 10) – $30.00, BCP THC Caps 75mg (Pack of 5) – $25.00, Bermuda Sour (7.85g) – $50, Chocolate Drop (14g) – $75, Strawberry Cheesecake (7.09g) – $45, Strawberry Cheesecake (8g) – $50, Tiny Tuna (14g) – $65, Tuna Rockstar 14g – $75

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