Doobs in tubes (Organic)


Organically grown, pesticide free
Indica | Hybrid | Sativa


Product Description

For those of you constantly on the go, these doobs are the simplest most convenient way to smoke. All the smooth flavours of our premium organic cannabis lines blended together. We use the highest quality papers with built-in filters for his or her smoking pleasure.   They’ll arrive to you in a clear air tight tube to keep them fresh. These tubes can be used with your own doobs. Each joint weighs approximately .8 grams. 

Additional Information


$8 for 1 (Sativa), $29 for 5 (Sativa), $8 for 1 (Hybrid), $29 for 5 (Hybrid), $8 for 1 (Indica), $29 for 5 (Indica), $49 10 Variety Pack


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